Our Planet

Caring For Our Environment

Douglas Dynamics is committed to minimizing adverse environmental impacts of our operations and promoting environmental awareness and education throughout all levels of the organization. We work to provide innovative, world-class products and services that help reduce emissions, protect biodiversity, minimize harm to the local environment, and protect public health.

environmental management and climate change

Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to our environmental protection programs, which incorporate industry best practices in our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental impact. Douglas Dynamics is committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as described in our Environmental, Health and Safety Vision.

We are committed to investing in developing new products and improving existing ones to enhance performance while also reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Energy and emissions

Douglas Dynamics is committed to making the necessary investments in systems and technology to reduce energy usage at our manufacturing locations, which is the largest and most cost-effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. We also track and report on key environmental metrics to ensure accountability and transparency to our stakeholders, including employees, investors, clients, and the communities where we live and work.

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water and waste management

We have taken steps to reduce water usage in our manufacturing processes where possible and have also implemented innovative reverse osmosis technology to recycle the water we do use. We are also actively collaborating with our local sewage districts to minimize the amount of run-off in our processes to help prevent sewage overflow. All of our hazardous waste management follows local, state, and federal guidelines, and we have partnered with Waste Management to evaluate our waste profile, including waste to landfill, waste to energy, and recycled waste. We are developing a long-term plan to reduce the amount of waste in our production processes that goes to landfills and have initiated programs throughout the Company to increase the total amount of waste we recycle.

product innovation & environmental impact

Our product innovation efforts are focused on helping our customers improve the efficiency of their snow and ice removal efforts while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. Our research and development on hopper spreaders and liquid solutions are geared towards increasing efficiency and reducing the use of salt, which can have negative effects on waterways and biodiversity. We also strive to make our deicing equipment more efficient, which not only saves time and resources but also reduces emissions.

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public policy and industry associations

As the premier manufacturer and upfitter of commercial work truck attachments and equipment in North America, Douglas Dynamics partners with major organizations to educate their members and advocate for responsible legislation. Our partnerships with associations focus on developing  environmentally responsible practices, more efficient technologies, and environmentally friendly products to help improve the communities in which we live and work.