Henderson Brine Xtreme

February 14, 2020

Two Douglas Dynamics Employees Present at the 2020 Wisconsin Construction, Municipal & Landscape Expo

Douglas Dynamics was honored to have two employees present at the 2020 Wisconsin Construction, Municipal & Landscape Expo in West Allis, WI. We spoke about the why, when and how of brine use and the misconceptions of chlorides to help inform local contractors about the importance liquid brine has on their business and the impact it has on our environment.

Exhibitors featured equipment, supplies, tools and more for the municipal and landscape industries— including the Henderson BrineXtreme® Infinity, the leading salt brine production system.


The Science-Fiction of Chlorides

Our Board of Directors sets high standards for our employees, officers, and directors. Implicit in this Pam Buckley, Sustainability Mgr. Douglas Dynamics Get more for your money with deicers. Explore the comparative melting speed, capacity and characteristics of the three major chlorides and best practices for their use and to dispel common misconceptions about their performance capacities.

The Science and Art of Application Rates

Daniel Gilliland, Western Region Brine Sales Mgr. Henderson Products Find out the why, when, and how to use brine and blends for safer and more environmentally responsible anti-icing.

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